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Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

FleetPal Connect is a robust web-based tool/platform that allows companies to manage and track every aspect of their fleets. While it is true that FleetPal Connect is just one of many fleet management solutions on the software market today, FleetPal Connect is widely used and adored because it is super-easy to use. Whether you are comfortable with computers and Internet software or somewhat of a novice in this regard, you and your team will have no problem with adjusting to FleetPal Connect's easy-to-use, intuitive user interface and welcoming design.

FleetPal Connect allows companies to create a direct line of communication between themselves and their drivers. Plus, your company will be more efficient by eliminating paper forms and by staying on top of your fleet maintenance like never before! FleetPal Connect is one of the best fleet management solutions in the world today because it gives your entire team the tools they need to succeed. For example, your drivers can use our handy FleetPro Connect mobile app to report issues, perform vehicle inspections, and record fuel purchase information. If your company manages a fleet, and you are not using FleetPal Connect, you truly are behind the eightball!

More Amazing Features that You Will Find Only in Our Patented Fleet Management Solutions

Another feature of FleetPal Connect that our users love is that alerts are issued instantly whenever an issue is reported. For example, if your truck is overheating on the side of the road, this problem can be quickly and properly addressed with a few clicks of a button. The goal of FleetPro Connect is to make fleet management as easy and as seamless as possible. With complete work order management, your company will be able to quickly create and assign work orders, track current status, and stay on top of hours of labor, downtime, and total costs.

With FleetPro Connect, your company can easily track and manage all of your fleet's preventative maintenance needs and schedule service from manually or automatically from any device at any location. FleetPro Connect even allows users to create customizable alerts and grant user permissions as you see fit. You will be able to create thresholds for important items like PM services, DOT inspections, or annual licensing requirements. Then, you will be notified as items come through, ensuring that your fleet will never miss a scheduled maintenance appointment.

Automate Your Company's Fleet Management Needs with the World's Most Robust Fleet Management System

Of course, we are just scratching the surface of what FleetPro Connect can do for your team. For example, FleetPro Connect can alert you when items come through for your drivers. This includes items such as licenses, training, certifications, and driving record updates.

FleetPro Connect is powered by the latest and greatest in technology innovation. Using the best automated cloud technology, FleetPro Connect is changing the logistics industry forever for the better! Contact FleetPro Connect to learn more about our fleet management solutions.


Fleet Management Solutions
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