Boston North Company Outing Venues

Boston North Company Outing VenuesThe Boston Conference Center is among the best Boston North company outing venues. Our company outing venue has a capacity for up to 375 guests and it has all the amenities that you need for a successful company outing or team building activity. We have partnered with Team Bonding to provide more than 50 innovative and one of a kind team building programs.

Looking for interesting Boston North company outing venues? Before you go about in looking for a site, there are things to consider. One of the most important, of course, is the budget. Once that is out of the way, you can slowly whittle down your choices to a few suitable locations.
Who is invited? Is it just the employees or will there be spouses and significant others included? Are kids free to join or is this strictly for adults? Will there be clients or vendors?
When will it be held? If you are going on a summer trip, why not go to a cool place like the beach? If it's the rainy season, you might want to stick to indoor venues.
What's on the menu? For small companies, you might want to cook your own food or have everyone bring a dish (potluck). But for large companies, hiring a caterer is often more practical.
What will the activities be? On your company outing, you should have some sort of activity aside from eating. If you are into fun games and sports, make sure to book a venue that has courts or large open areas.
For Boston North company outing venues, check out Boston Conference Center. Our property is located 30 minutes from Boston and we offer excellent amenities from a sandy beach to a grove and even sports courts. Feel free to browse our website to check our other amenities and to see pictures of Boston Conference Center.
Boston North Company Outing Venues

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