Courier Service Canada

Courier Service Canada

There are many challenges to doing business across international borders but a courier service in Canada can help you reach new markets. Vans LTL Courier and Logistics helps companies of all sizes with their international shipping needs.

What are the difficulties of international shipping?

Even countries that are cordial with one another have agreements impacting trade. Each country and even state has restrictions on goods that you can purchase.

Regulations, tariffs, and laws governing everything from recipes to the quality of metal impact shipping. Getting stopped at the border while shipments are inspected provide another significant challenge.

Finding a Cross Border Shipping Partner

Large companies use third party shipping partners to reduce the burden of cross border shipping. These companies take on the burden of handling large loads for their customers.

While specialized logistics companies do not always handle the burden of cross-border shipping for smaller clients, those with less than a single laid to ship are not out of luck. LTL shipping services offer the perfect mix of efficiency and cost for small clients.

How LTL Courier Services Work

Established LTL companies have the resources required to get your goods to customers at the same time as large companies. LTL companies use established networks of drivers and warehouses to decrease shipping times and improve costs.

We ship from our Michigan warehouse to our Ontario warehouse through experienced drivers. Sharing warehouse space allows us to save customers money and time.

Scaling Cross Border Shipping Needs

There is another unseen cost to shipping and that is the cost of scale. Customers hate shipping delays. In this climate, even a slight hindrance can become a severe nuisance.

If you choose to tackle your shipping needs through an LTL service, you must find a company that can grow with you. Vans LTL Courier service handles two to thousands of loads for clients who cannot ship goods on their own.

Benefits of Using a LTL Service

The benefits of using a LTL service are multifold. You gain access to a company dedicated to improving logistics without the hassle and cost of building your own network.

Vans LTL clients see:

  • Cost saving as high as 40 percent
  • A reduction in shipping times
  • Reduced return times

We also help companies deal with customs. Managed duty drawbacks help you stay afloat if officers tamper with a shipment.

Advantages Over Shipping through the Mail

The cost and management benefits associated with LTL services makes our services an ideal choice. Shipments are not separated and you benefit from being able to ship multiple orders at once.

There is also the benefit of our duty of care. We want your business and strive to avoid breakage. It costs us to mishandle items.

Courier Service to Canada

A courier service to Canada offers benefits over using standard mail services. Our ability to handle items and customs makes our services the perfect match for companies unable to afford the cost of a large logistics network.

Vans LTL offers you the ability to tap into the ninth largest market in the world, one that is just across the border. Get in touch today.

Courier Service Canada
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